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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mothers out there, including Lori, a fantastic day.. please click on the image for a giggle or three:)

And don’t forget to love on your momma’s today!


What’s up with the hair?

Here’s another Weekend Update…but I’m not sure what he was doing with this haircut. I mean, Jimmy is cute no matter what, but did no one tell him this is not a good look for him? Regardless, I thought this was a fun update.

And in other news….JIMMY IS BACK TOMORROW!!

Since lnwjf is on hiatus…

…I will be posting some old Jimmy clips this week. Yay! Most of you on twitter responded you wanted Weekend Updates, so that’s what you will get. I will post a couple other clips too.

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow. 🙂

Jimmy’s LAST Weekend Update

Tonight, NBC is broadcasting a special “Saturday Night Live In the 2000s: Time and Again”. I’m betting on some Jimmy/Tina Weekend Updates and hoping for more of his sketches. To get us all even more excited, here is Jimmy’s LAST weekend update. 😦

Weekend Trump-Date

I’ve been catching up on some Weekend Updates lately, and this one had me laughing the most. Amy and Seth were a great duo, but I really miss Tina and Jimmy!