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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mothers out there, including Lori, a fantastic day.. please click on the image for a giggle or three:)

And don’t forget to love on your momma’s today!


I Want To Visit Jeffrey’s

I’ve been asked several times about the infamous “Jeffrey’s” sketches. Jimmy breaks into giggles in EVERY one!

*Sorry the sound is a little off. :/

NY SNL cast & Jimmy

The NY Post talks to SNl members and Jimmy Fallon about the show. The most amusing part of this video is Seth Meyers speed talking and high pitched voice. :p

SNL: In The 2000s: “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”

A clip from this Thursday’s SNL Special. (The background graphic is cracking me up.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Good Morning.

I’m flippin exhausted from my daughter’s 5th birthday party yesterday. I used to entertain several nights a week but haven’t in about a year. So this just knocked me out for at least today. Haven’t touched a party plate or piece of wrapping paper yet. It’s on my list of things to do after catching up on the computer and taking a nap.

Anyway…so bummed that Jimmy wasn’t on SNL. I kind of figured he wouldn’t after the awesome Weekend Update reunion on lnwjf last Thursday. It was really great to see them all battling charades. I guess Jimmy won’t be hosting SNL this season so I will just have to hope he is asked next fall. So what did you all think of Tina Fey hosting?

Speaking of Tina, I found this video online and thought it was the oddest thing. It’s been flipped so guests come out of the left side instead of right…and personally Jimmy looks strange with his hair parted on the other side. Just had to post b/c I thought it was interesting.

ETA: Sorry…the video was removed on you tube. Yucky copyrights. :p

I’m excited about Thursday night’s SNL 2000s Special! I’m betting on some fun Fallon/Fey updates. I am also looking forward to this weekend where I will be traveling to St. Louis to see Jimmy Fallon perform at the Bob Costas Benefit. 🙂 It’s just something to hold me over until I’m able to plan another trip to NYC.

This week on LNwJF, I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan and Michael J. Fox. What about you? Just know that this is the last week of shows before Jimmy’s one week vacation. I hope he gets some rest…he sounded like he was getting sick on Friday. They sure do work hard!

Have a happy Monday!!


Tina Fey is on LNWJF tonight….BUT….I’m really hoping for some Fallon/Fey action on SNL this Saturday. Maybe something like THIS!

(I know, I’m totally dreaming. But what’s a girl without her dreams.)

The Epic NYC Trip

I miss NYC already…but I’m excited to be home and share our adventure. As soon as I came home from my last NYC trip in December, I was already planning this one. Jami (@ihavefallonfeva), Jeanette (@JeanetteMarie21) and I have been tweeting since last September yet never met. So we decided it was time to get together and take a journey to Jimmy-Town. We met up in St. Louis and flew together to NYC. The weather was horrendous! Jami had never flown (which is why we accompanied her) and even though I’ve been flying all my life the turbulence was freaking me out. We are so lucky we got there w/o a delay. We had heard so many flights were cancelled b/c of storms and 65 mph wind gusts.

So we get to the hotel and settle in, then head to 30 Rock. Normally I can handle walking 10 blocks, but we trecked in the rain and wind storm, stepping in puddles and arrived at 30 Rock drenched up to our knees and hair looking disasterous. So please keep that in mind when viewing our pics. We were not looking our best. I tried blow drying my hair under the hand drying machines in the basement…didn’t help. Continue reading