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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mothers out there, including Lori, a fantastic day.. please click on the image for a giggle or three:)

And don’t forget to love on your momma’s today!


I Want To Visit Jeffrey’s

I’ve been asked several times about the infamous “Jeffrey’s” sketches. Jimmy breaks into giggles in EVERY one!

*Sorry the sound is a little off. :/

Top 10 SNL Crack Ups

BestWeekEver.TV came up with the Top 10 List of Best SNL Crack Ups. Do you see a common thread?

Here is #3. The infamous Jeffrey’s sketch. (not sure why it cuts off a little early)

Click on image.

What’s up with the hair?

Here’s another Weekend Update…but I’m not sure what he was doing with this haircut. I mean, Jimmy is cute no matter what, but did no one tell him this is not a good look for him? Regardless, I thought this was a fun update.

And in other news….JIMMY IS BACK TOMORROW!!

SNL Bar Scene

Jimmy and Jennifer Garner in an SNL sketch (2003). Sorry about the quality…this was taken from (obviously).

Since lnwjf is on hiatus…

…I will be posting some old Jimmy clips this week. Yay! Most of you on twitter responded you wanted Weekend Updates, so that’s what you will get. I will post a couple other clips too.

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow. 🙂

Caption THIS Thursday!

You guys were AWESOME with the funnies you brought last week! Now, try this one on for size:

I call this one: Two for lookin’! (Those who know that silly game guys play will get it. Also, it was referenced in the Jarret’s Room sketch in Jimmy’s “Best of…” DVD!)