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VOTE! Favorite “Late Night” Original Parody

Happy Friday! We are due for another poll for y’all & I’m very excited for this next one. Hands-down it is my favorite thing that all the talent at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon produces. Brilliantly written by writer Amy Ozols, each parody hits hard on the particular character of their television series counterpart with the music, camera work, characters, even the title sequences! Now, we want to know:

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Vote! Favorite Walk-On Music by The Roots

As if The Rootsies weren’t awesome enough before the Late Night gig, they upped their ante since taking over Studio 6B. Their incredible improv skills & charming interactions with Jimmy during the show win us over every night, but to me, where they really shine is in their walk-out music for every guest.

They never ever play the same thing twice and each song is tailored specifically for the guest in reference to their name, career, quirks, etc.

I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites & now it’s up to you to choose the best!

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Let’s Get to Celebratin’!

Alright, you crazy Fallon fans. It’s February & we all know what that means… the 1-year anniversary of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is just around the corner! To build up to this marvelous milestone in March, we’ll be reflecting on their first year on the air and, to open, we’re asking you:

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Happy almost-Anniversary, LNwJF & thanks for all y’all do!

Favorite Jimmy Movie Role

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