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Caption THIS Thursday!

Because we all love Jimmy with a guitar around his neck..

I call this one… Pointin’ ma fingers, pointin at youuu!

(Haha forgive my lack of creativity.. I think I used it all on my design project that is due on Monday.. woooo!)


Caption THIS Thursday!

You guys seem to be enjoying this feature so here’s another Caption THIS, Thursday!

I’m going with .. Nancy’s gonna kill me for that one. Now, let’s hear ’em! Surely you can do better than that:)

Caption THIS Thursday!

You guys were AWESOME with the funnies you brought last week! Now, try this one on for size:

I call this one: Two for lookin’! (Those who know that silly game guys play will get it. Also, it was referenced in the Jarret’s Room sketch in Jimmy’s “Best of…” DVD!)

Caption THIS Thursday

Welcome to (almost) the weekend! I’ve got another installment of Caption THIS Thursday for you.. post a comment with a caption of your own for the picture below!

I like to think of this one as Tarra, you WILL go bar-hopping with me! But that’s just me:) So come on.. let’s hear ’em! Have fun!

Welcome to “Caption THIS” Thursdays!

Because Jimmy seems to be staying out of the news lately, we will be experimenting with different ideas on fun things to post for y’all. One of our first ideas was posting up a picture & letting you guys leave comments with a your very own caption!

Get those creative juices a-flowin’! Be as funny, nostalgic, or silly as you want… just keep it clean;) Please & thank you!

You’ll recognize this first CTT featureD photo from the promo shots taken for the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” original parody 7th Floor West.

My shot at this one is: Tousled & Tie VS. Comb-over & Cardigan.
Yalls’ turn:)

* does not own this photograph.
Property of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and NBC.