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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mothers out there, including Lori, a fantastic day.. please click on the image for a giggle or three:)

And don’t forget to love on your momma’s today!


Caption THIS Thursday!

Because we all love Jimmy with a guitar around his neck..

I call this one… Pointin’ ma fingers, pointin at youuu!

(Haha forgive my lack of creativity.. I think I used it all on my design project that is due on Monday.. woooo!)

Jimmy loves his Lions

Jimmy Fallon virtually commits to Detroit Lions

By Philip Zaroo |

April 27, 2010, 2:20PM

If Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh make it big with the Detroit Lions, general manager Martin Mayhew might want to consider bringing in Jimmy Fallon as a talent scout.

Fallon, the veteran star of such comedic smash hits as The Entrepreneurs,Taxi and The Grungy Clementine – OK, that last one was completely made up, but really, would you have known had I not told you? – has had a knack for hosting future Lions draft picks on his late-night show … before they even become Lions draft picks!

Happy to be the beneficiary of Stafford last year and Suh this year, Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz sent a Lions jersey to Fallon with his name embroidered across the back.

Fallon was thankful, but quick to point out, “Maybe this is an invitation to play for the Lions. I don’t know what this is, but I’m not that good at football. I’m pretty awful. I’m good at Madden football. So if they need a virtual video game guy who plays football, I can do that. And I can tell you right now, because I do love Detroit, my team on Madden ’11 will be the Detroit Lions.”

Caption THIS Thursday!

You guys seem to be enjoying this feature so here’s another Caption THIS, Thursday!

I’m going with .. Nancy’s gonna kill me for that one. Now, let’s hear ’em! Surely you can do better than that:)

Beer Pong > Swine Flu

Here is a neat post by New York Magazine. You can scroll through and find pictures of the panel that attended the Evening with SNL in New York City presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which Jimmy moderated.

Click on image to get to the page.

Swine flu has been proven to spread through beer pong. Will you stop playing beer pong on your show? “Never. I’d rather get swine flu than stop playing beer pong. I am not afraid.” —JIMMY FALLON

Is he game or is he GAME?! Oh, Jimmy, how brave you are! ❤

Caption THIS Thursday!

You guys were AWESOME with the funnies you brought last week! Now, try this one on for size:

I call this one: Two for lookin’! (Those who know that silly game guys play will get it. Also, it was referenced in the Jarret’s Room sketch in Jimmy’s “Best of…” DVD!)

Jimmy joined the fight

Here is a PSA Jimmy did in 2006 to raise awareness about the on-going struggle to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. Slightly different from the first one posted in December.

Vodpod videos no longer available.