Random Finds

I like to surf the net, but I really love to dig and see what gems I can find.

I’m not sure where this was used, but it’s an ad for Jimmy’s show before it was premiered on March 2. Thought it was pretty cool.

Apparently Jimmy visited Bowlmor Lanes in NYC and signed a pin. Funny.

Morgan Murphy, a writer on LNwJF, posted this on her twitter.

For LNwJF’s 100th show, Jimmy sent out an invitation for a party. I love seeing his handwriting. 🙂

And I know you all have seen this since Jimmy tweeted it, but there’s no reason NOT to post here. Taken in St. Louis before his show. Just so cute.

    • Julia
    • April 30th, 2010

    Awww, the last one is so cute!
    I loved when Jimmy posted it and I loved it now 🙂

    • haley
    • April 30th, 2010

    he is the lord

    • kiley
    • April 30th, 2010

    Haha, his handwriting is weird. I still love it though.

    Those were awesome, I hadn’t seen most of them before. Thanks!

      • haley
      • April 30th, 2010

      nancy said she married him 98% cause hes funny and 2% handwriting 🙂

      that bugs me because hes 700% of the worlds source of sexy 😀

    • Elizabeth Gaffney
    • April 30th, 2010

    Haha! “I Pissed on your bowling shoes” That is fantastic

    • storytellerkat
    • April 30th, 2010

    The handwriting, it’s like: okay I’ll write in cursive…wait, no print will be better…then again maybe I should do cursive…nah print’s easier…oops, I better sign my name in cursive so it looks official…

    Love how everyone’s his pal. 🙂

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