It’s only Tuesday…

…and I’m already missing him like crazy! Yes, I’m thankful he’s getting a break though. Lord knows he and his staff work an insane amount of hours, but it’s a lonely week without his show. (And reruns don’t count.) At least he’s been tweeting! Although, it would be nice to know what he’s up to. 😉

Jimmy eye candy anyone? LNwJF Edition:

    • Nicole
    • April 20th, 2010

    I adore the look on his face in the last one.

    • Júlia
    • April 20th, 2010

    Ohhh, the fourth one just kills me! SOOOO ADORABLE!
    They are all very adorable, as a matter of fact 🙂
    LOVED it! Thank God for Lori ❤

    • haley
    • April 20th, 2010

    thank you so much!

    i like the one right above the jersey shore one!

    is it scary i check this site every 20 minutes?

    if you have time you should get some more flashback photos from the snl days!

    • kiley
    • April 20th, 2010

    Awww this reminds me of how much i miss the Cirque Du Soleil skit. And, i also love his face in the fourth picture.

    Thanks! I’m counting on you to get me through the week. 🙂

  1. Thanks for pics needed a tuesday pickup :\)


    • jeanette
    • April 20th, 2010

    sooo in love with jimmy!! its ridiculous!

  3. Every man should try to be just like Jimmy Fallon, then all the men in this world would be perfect.

  4. *in love*

    • Mary
    • April 20th, 2010

    I love him in yellow!! And the one above the Jersey shore one is soooo adorable!

      • iheartjimmy
      • April 20th, 2010

      yeah, that’s always been one of my faves. His hair looks lighter.

    • Katie
    • April 20th, 2010

    Does he know just how adorable he is??


    • t@ti@n@
    • April 20th, 2010

    hey now.. Jimmy only wore that “piN-striPed” suit ONCE..and he looks oh, so very good..kinda like a sexY gangsta!!:D

    a gift given to me -reCieved Jimmys SNL best of Jimnmy FAllon…..the audition is precious…and the gaY boy is in here I mentioned long time ago in em!

    he truLy is ver-sa-tile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • t@ti@n@
    • April 20th, 2010

    and just so you know..that last pic..Tracy Ulman was the guest. Jimmy was soo taken by her “Rachel Maddow” impression..I adore that expression!! He did that right afta he banged his hand on the table…………….
    yeah…im addicted to the shows..jst to c his adorable gestures..that makes my evening…

    • Erin
    • April 20th, 2010

    thank you very much. thank you so very much 😉

    • latehoboken
    • April 21st, 2010

    this site is the only way to survive this week. thanks so much

    • storytellerkat
    • April 21st, 2010

    Loved the Cirque skit. I hope he and Higgins go on more field trips! And is the cowboy one the cougar hunting song? That song cracks me up–his parodies are awesome.

    • jami
    • April 21st, 2010


    • Dani
    • April 22nd, 2010

    MMM Some of my favorite episodes!
    Fist pump!

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