LNwJF Gets Greener

Source: NYDailynews.com

Jimmy Fallon joked Tuesday that “Late Night” was celebrating Earth Day this year by recycling old episodes.

“We’ll be off the air next week, which is really green,” Fallon told reporters, gathered for a “green” tour of NBC’s headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Next week, NBC Universal will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with its annual Earth Week slate of programming and events (the company also celebrates Green Week in November). NBC’s “Green Is Universal” initiative began back in 2007, and the company has been committed to going green and reducing its carbon footprint ever since.

Fallon’s “Late Night” studio, 6B – the home of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” until 1972 – was the first at 30 Rock to officially go green, when he took over in March 2009.

The show’s set designer, Leo Yoshimori, worked with local production firm Showman Fabricators in the effort.

“We love how supportive NBC is with all of this stuff,” said Fallon. “And [the ‘Late Night’ staff] is totally into it as well. We like recycling!”

Among other things, Yoshimori used bamboo, which is highly sustainable because of its quick growth, for the floors throughout the interview area; low- or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints; carpeting in the audience area made from recycled materials; reclaimed and refurbished seats from Radio City Music Hall for audience seating; set decor – specifically, the doors – from local salvage stores; metal platforms, instead of wood, for the bands; and sets constructed with FSC plywood, made from responsibly harvested trees. Even Fallon’s desk has been recycled – it used to be Yoshimori’s.

Other initiatives at NBC studios include the elimination of individual water bottles for NBC Sports’ Olympic crew, instead using bubblers and biodegradable 20-ounce water bottles. In addition, “Nightly News” scripts have been reduced from 50 pages to 10 pages, and the newsroom editorial staff employs a “last one out” system, meaning an appointed desk assistant turns off all the lights and shuts down all the monitors at the end of the day.

“Saturday Night Live” uses old cue cards instead of plastic drop cloths when it paints sets, in addition to reusing old sets and LED lighting on the band stage (in fact, most of the studios employ LED lighting in some form).

Fallon even joked that he was kicking off Earth Week early on last night’s show, which featured a reunion of the ska band the Specials.

“They’re a band from the ’80s,” said Fallon. “We really are recycling.”

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