Jimmy on Leno (again)

Last night, Jimmy had a quick bit on Leno. Jay showed the clip of Jimmy falling during the martini race and then cut to a shot of him sitting at his desk. Here’s the rundown.

“Hi Jay. I’m happy to give you a good laugh at my expense, but I just want to say I’m fine. Hosting a talk show can be dangerous. I didn’t know. But, trust me, I’m a tough guy. Thank you so much and have a great show.”

[Looks to someone off camera]

“Are we off?”

[Hits his arm on the desk.]

“This job is so hard! It’s so hard.”


If you want to watch, it’s about 9:30 mins into Jay’s monologue. Go HERE.

    • Elizabeth Gaffney
    • March 12th, 2010

    His face in that last picture makes me want to cry =( He looks like a sad little puppy

    • Akura
    • March 12th, 2010


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