Preparing for Late Night

I found this old article that was published at back in September 2008 and documents Jimmy’s preparation for Late Night.

How does a guy prepare to replace Conan O’Brien on Late Night next spring?
Step 1: Watch a lot of talk shows.
Step 2: Create a nightly Web show.
Step 3: Play videogames?
“Seventy percent of my day is Wii,” Fallon jokes. Hey, whatever works.

When not out on the street gathering material for his Web show, Fallon and his writers hand out in a comfy 16th floor office – which is just an elevator ride away from both his old SNL digs and the stage he’ll soon inherit.

Fallon and crew also use a private Web page to share late-night bursts of inspiration from home. “One post was called ‘pizza’,” says Fallon. “It wasn’t really an idea. I just felt like eating pizza.”

*photographs by Jake Chessum

    • Nicole
    • March 6th, 2010

    I’ve never seen these pictures, but I love love LOVE them.

    • Akura
    • March 6th, 2010

    I wish I had access to that private web page… T-T

      • iheartjimmy
      • March 7th, 2010

      no kidding. that would be quite entertaining. :p

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