“I know what you want. And I know what you need”

Did he say it, or did he say it?! I am in dire need of some Jimmy lately since the 2-week hiatus started. Week one is almost done & we’ll just have one more (long one) to endure! Y’all have to be going as nuts as I am waiting around, which is why Lori & I are trying to keep you guys active while he’s vacationing (and NOT TWEETING!) with polls and surveys.

But you know, we aren’t the only ones that have loved on Jimmy so much. Check out what others have said about him in the past. Who could truly, genuinely, & honestly say something negative about this man?

“He never lost touch with the millions of fans that tuned in every single night to watch the show. The way that he did this was that he communicated with his viewers through his Late Night blogs, his Twitter feed. He engages fans. He’s just a funny [expletive] isn’t he?”
Cameron Diaz about Jimmy at The Webby Awards.

“Jimmy is impossible, you just can’t…Dude is crazy. You can’t keep a straight face all the time.”
Queen Latifah on filming “Taxi” with Jimmy.

“They have a certain playful quality about them and I think that Jimmy totally embodies that. He’s just a lovely, lovely human being. I was excited to see him in something that was romantic and more dramatic than anything he’s had the chance to do yet. I really believed in him”
Drew Barrymore on filming “Fever Pitch” with Jimmy.

“I think it’s a great idea. He’s really funny and loves to talk to people; it must be that Irish charm. Hosting a talk show is so hard, having to do the comedy and the interview skills, but I actually think he’s really well suited for it.”
Tina Fey on Jimmy taking over “Late Night”.

“As usual, Jimmy looks super cute and he’d be the real reason we would see the movie so let’s hope he is getting more screen time now.”
– PopSugar journalist on Jimmy in “Factory Girl”.

    • Akura
    • February 19th, 2010

    My withdrawal symptoms consist of eating Oreos and watching Law & Order reruns. Tell me how that makes sense.

    • dream123cm
    • April 12th, 2010

    I don’t know either!

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