Bring on Twenty-Ten!

It’s been a year of changes and new beginnings for me and definitely the most difficult, trying year of my life. My friends and family have been the biggest support and I’m grateful to have them surround me. But I have to attribute a HUGE part of helping me through it to Jimmy Fallon. I’ve always been a fan, but watching his show this year has brought me so much joy. He’s made me laugh and been a kind of therapy to help me heal. Not only has my love for him given me an outlet to express my creativity through this blog, but it’s given me the opportunity to share his humor, charm, humility, quirkiness, talent and adorableness to other fans. I thrive on bringing new fans into the crazy Jimmy fandom community as well as create a place that longtime fans can continue to admire him.

Not only has 2009 been complicated, but it’s been a year of fulfilled dreams. I was able to meet and talk with Jimmy…and the fact that he mentioned he loved my blog on his website just totally blows my mind.  He constantly reaffirms why I love him and why I do this blog.  Can he be ANY cooler? Just believe me when I say I have even bigger dreams for 2010. It can’t stop here. Just a few of my goals include getting an interview from Jimmy, seeing another taping, and getting him here to Texas & have a beer with me (with maybe a little karaoke thrown in).  Yes, everything is bigger in Texas…especially the dreams. I’m excited just thinking about what the new year holds.

Thanks to ALL of you for the support and friendship! I wish you the best in Twenty-Ten!

Happy New Year!

~Lori  🙂

    • Júlia
    • December 31st, 2009

    Owwwnn *-* What a cute post! We’ll be all cheering for all your dreams to come true, Lori! And we have to thank you, for doing the amazing job you do with this blog! Happy New Year! ;D

    • jeanette
    • December 31st, 2009

    lori u are such an amazing person for creating this blog and thanks for that! hope u get everything u dream for in 2010.

    p.s. jimmy drinking in a bar in dallas….i’m there!

  1. Thank you for having such an awesome blog! Getting on here and being able to talk to other Fallon Fanatics is so cool and it’s all because of you! I hope you have a great New Year and you deserve all of those things to happen!
    Thank You Lori 🙂
    Thank You Jimmy 🙂

    • t@ti@n@
    • December 31st, 2009

    Lori………………….. maY all those dreams come into fruiTion with the faLLonMania2010!!
    This bloG is truLy a “pic- me UP”& yes it heaLs sum boo boos of lifes moments.. soon to 4get!!
    maY this bLog(as i said b4) be gr8tr than the forCe it all ready is&ten fold becoming…..Jimmys heartbeaT of the faNworLd!!!
    sadness behinD…..joY that foLLows……….
    LOri here you COME!!!
    F**A**L**L**O**N**I**C**I**O**U**S ** Y**E**A**R!!!!!!!!!!!
    a toAst2u ~>- now gO got faLLoniZed:D

    • jami
    • December 31st, 2009

    ThaNk yOu LOrI fOR bEinG sUch A cOol PERSon. ReAlly AppReciATE alL thE hard WoRk you PuT in tO the FANdom & tHe BloG. WIshiNG yoU thE haPPiest NEw yeAr Of All. 🙂

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