Jimmy + Nancy

How they met:
Jimmy and Nancy met on the set of “Fever Pitch,” which he starred in and she co-produced. Mutual pal Drew Barrymore set the two up in May 2007, after inviting both to the birthday party she threw for Nancy.

The Proposal:
The proposal took place in New Hampshire on August 15, 2007 “on the dock at sunset at the Junoven’s family home in Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee, where On Golden Pond was filmed,” a friend of the couple told People magazine. “He presented her with a one-of-a-kind ring designed by Neil Lane.”

On the proposal:
“It was serious,” Fallon said. “I did the one knee thing. I tried not to cry before she did. I was definitely breaking down a little bit. I don’t even remember what I said.”

“I’m just really excited right now and just happy. I’m the luckiest guy on earth. She’s the coolest girl in the world.”

On wedding planning:
“Oh, I have to be [involved],” he says. “We’re trying to get a guest list together. But it’s all fun stuff. She’s a cool girl and it’s no stress at all.”

On setting a wedding date:
“We’re still planning it,” he says. But “the sooner the better for me. I’m in love.”

The Wedding:
Jimmy Fallon & Nancy Juvonen were married on December 22, 2007 in the British Virgin Islands on Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

What HE says about HER:
“We both took each other’s name, and I’m proud to say that my new name, now and forever, will be Mr. Jancy Falvonen.”

“I’m still getting used to the [wedding] ring. I haven’t worn jewelry since my embarrassing Mr. T phase in seventh grade.”

“It’s phenomenal. I love it. I love being married. She’s the coolest. I really lucked out.”

“It was awesome. I got to meet a beautiful girl. I got to date her, and I got to get married.”

“Thank God she loves the sense of humor. I’m not good in the looks department.”

What SHE says about HIM:
“I have the biggest crush on him still.” (2/2009)

  1. This is so sweet.. what an unbelievable guy! I hope they are happy for the rest of their lives because they both deserve each other.

    Also, I beg to differ about that looks department comment he made;)

    • Rebecah
    • December 22nd, 2009

    This has got to be the sweetest thing ever.

    • Melissa P
    • December 22nd, 2009

    cutest couple ever! I love the things they say about eachother, it’s so sweet and genuine.

    • jeanette
    • December 22nd, 2009

    aww love this! love what nancy says, soo sweet 🙂

    • Melissa P
    • December 22nd, 2009

    another fun fact: wasnt The Moonbeam Song by Harry Nilsson thier wedding song?

      • Akura
      • December 22nd, 2009

      Awww, that’s such a lovely song. ^^

    • Joy
    • December 22nd, 2009

    He’s not good in the looks depertment? Really?!?!

  2. I’m so happy for them. They are so adorable together!
    He’s not good in the looks department?! Are you serious!!!

    • Akura
    • December 22nd, 2009

    Sugar-coated daggers. It’s all really bittersweet, ya know? I just hope I get as lucky as Nancy did. That Fallon though, he’s one-of-a-kind. I think it’d be harder if I was closer to his age. It’s easy to accept as a teen, but as someone in his general age range, it’s gotta suck. In any case, I hope they stay together forever. I’d hate to see his sweet little heart break. T^T

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