SNL Christmas Special 2002

In honor of tonight’s SNL Christmas Special, I’m posting some screencaps and dialogue from the 2002 SNL Christmas special. (courtesy of

FEY: Christmas time always brings back so many memories. I remember my mom used to sit me and my brother by the fireplace and read us ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.
FALLON: Hohoho, I know what you mean, Tina. It reminds me of a story my mom used to tell us, it was about a hero..a hero that, in my family, we like to call..Batman. One Christmas, long ago, we find our hero fighting the Joker in the sewers in Gotham City.
FEY: So, Batman smelled?
FALLON: Yes he did, Tina. Add to that his sidekick, Robin, the boy wonder, who, in what must have been a medical first…passed an egg through his system.
FEY: So, Robin laid an egg?
FALLON: …and the Batmobile, you’re not gonna believe what happened…
FEY: It lost it’s wheel?
FALLON: Yeah. There was no joy that Christmas, Tina, for, the Joker got away.
FEY: You’re an idiot.
FALLON: Merry Christmas to you.

FEY: Jimmy, I got you a Christmas present.
FALLON: Oh wow! A new amp! This is so cool!
FEY: I had to sell my watch to get it..but..hey, it’s Christmas, right?
FALLON: I got you something too.
FEY: Ooh, you sold your guitar to get my present??
FALLON: No. Here it is! It’s one of them beer hats.
FEY: This is what you got me for Christmas?
FALLON: Yeah! You drink beer out of it. I figured it’s your kinda humor..
FEY: Jimmy, this isn’t how The Gift of the Magi works.
FALLON: Gift of the what now?

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