The LNwJF Tapings

If only I could live in NY, I would HAVE to find a way to go to these tapings on a regular basis. They are so awesome and fun. My favorite part is watching Jimmy when the cameras aren’t on him or during commercial breaks. It’s like he turns into Jimmy, the adorable, goofy guy instead of Jimmy, the Late Night Host. During one commercial break, he was lip syncing the first line to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and then dancing to “Santa Baby”.

For those of you that have never been to a taping, I’ll give you a little rundown.

They file you in and sit you in a seat. You do NOT get to choose. So I lucked out the first night by sitting in the front row. BUT, the first isn’t always necessarily the best. There are SO many cameras and crew in front of you that it’s easy to get your view blocked by one of them. The next night I was in the 4th row on the isle and had the perfect view. The stage is so small. Looks MUCH bigger on camera…but then again don’t we all? :p

First, Seth Herzog comes out to warm up the crowd. Then he introduces The Roots. They come out and do a little mini concert and jam! The second night, Kirk, Damon and Owen took turns running up and down the isles playing their instruments…it was so fun! Talk about talented musicians! (At Monday night’s taping, after The Roots came out, 50 Cent performed a song w/ them before the show.) Then Higgins is introduced. He’s hilarious. Then finally, the show starts and Jimmy comes out and does his monologue.

The Roots continue to play throughout the commercial breaks. (Except when setting up the guest band, then recorded music is played.) It’s like chaos on the stage floor as things are being shifted and moved. Producers and writers walking everywhere. Every single break, the makeup and hair girls touched up Jimmy. They kept blotting his forehead. Geez, Jimmy sweats a lot! There’s a desk in front of the left side of the audience which is where the producers sit. It cracked me up that Gavin Purcell had his laptop open and I could see his twitter was up the entire taping.

I LOVED the Olympic Luge bit! It’s funny to see Jimmy totally laughing at his desk while watching this. He was cracking up and clapping.

During the second eppy, during the first commercial break, Jimmy went to his dressing room for about 5 minutes. The Roots continued to play. Jimmy comes out with his shirt, tie and jacket on but with camouflage pants. Looks adorable! He had to film a quick bit for Diane Sawyer. Messed up a couple times which made everyone laugh. Then when back on the air, he introduced the “Avatar Catchphrases” bit and while the intro was showing, he took off his shirt, tie and jacket. He had the green tee underneath and someone helped him put on the camo vest and hat while he ran to the video screen. That was fun to see live. When finished, he started undressing before he left the stage. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. 🙂

The bit with Rachel Maddow and mixing drinks was great! During one of the commercial breaks at every show, Jimmy and the guest tape a few promos for certain markets about who is going to be on that night’s show. So as he taped them, he held up the punch cup with ice cream dripping out and it was making everyone laugh. Jimmy and Rachel just had fun with it. Then afterwards, Mike Shoemaker got a hold of the cup and drank the rest of it.

During the Rachel Maddow segment, I looked over and saw Damon (the sousaphone/tuba player) hunched over on his stool chewing on his nails and looking bored. LOL I love all the behind the scenes action that most of the nation doesn’t get to see. It’s real.

After the first night’s taping, Jimmy high-fived me and the rest of the audience then ran off stage. I saw him hug someone by the stage door, then noticed it was Jack McBrayer (Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock)! So cool! Then Jack came over to where I was sitting b/c he had friends that were in the audience by me. So I’m standing there next to him and all I could say was “hi!”. He said “hi” back and I look down over the railing and Owen Biddle is there extending his hand out to me. Eileen (@Spatty) had called his name a moment before and said how we loved Renee. So he came over to shake our hands! Sooooo sweet. Then we asked for pics with him. No one is allowed to take pics in the studio, but they obviously didn’t bother us since we were with Owen. Everyone was filing out of the studio at this time, but we took a minute to talk with Owen and he was such a cutie. 🙂

Horribly bad pic of me, but adorable of Owen.

Tuesday night was the “sweater contest”. They gave each of the audience members a number and said if Jimmy picks it, we have to jump up and act all excited so don’t be shy. Then Jimmy would come up and give the winner a prize. I was sweating bullets! I wanted Jimmy to come up to me, but I’m way too shy for the attention on tv and to jump up and scream. Thankfully, my number didn’t win.

That night, Jawbox performed. It.Was.Loud. Oh my gosh, the seats and floors were vibrating like crazy! My ear drums were vibrating so much they kept tickling my ears. All of the crew and staff were nodding their heads to the beat as Jimmy sat at his desk bouncin and banging his hands on the desk as he listened.

So that’s about it. Once I watch the eppys at home I will probably remember a few details about the tapings. They are so much fun! 🙂

    • Tatiana Mitacek
    • December 10th, 2009

    heY noW!!!!!!!!!!!! I Luv the fact you got to see the auThentic siDe of JImmY (A.D.D.syndrome)LOL:D…he does have amazing resltless enerGy, yet a smooth calM!! he’s a perfectionist tho..wants everything all ducKs n row..and a competitor to a fauLt!! I thout he wuD be buZZed with his buddy RAchel..cuZ he’s cut liKe thaT!! Good tip with knowing the first row aint aLl that!! Saw you Behind serG..with Spatty on UR rht side& your friend in siGle booth area9split frm ea.other). you’re too cute& see that sweet shyness when the camera was on with that whole “shout out skit!” Yeah, I wud rather see the rehearsal action..that WHERE THE REAl CUtENESS iS aT!!!!!!!

    • Akura
    • December 10th, 2009

    Sounds awesome! I hope he treats all his “major tweeters” like that. By major tweeters, I mean people who tweet him a lot and are CLEARLY huge fans of his. -bows down to overlord of major tweeters- =D

  1. There’s nothing like seeing it live! One of the best experiences I’ve had thus far.. Seth Herzog is so funny when he warms up the crowd. Did he do his flawless Jimmy impression for y’all?!

      • iheartjimmy
      • December 11th, 2009

      No! I bet that’s a good impression. He was funny though and it was nice he changed up the jokes between both nights.

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