Real Housewives’ Thanksgiving Screencaps

I LOVED this eppy! Is it just me, or does “Denise” get prettier each time? I like looking at screen caps, because it gives me a chance to catch things that I normally wouldn’t when watching it.

Happy Spanxgiving!

    • Erica
    • November 22nd, 2009

    I can’t help but feel like Denise is actually pretty, as weird as it is to admit. Is that just because I think Jimmy is incredibly cute, no matter what the context ? Or does he genuinly make for an attractive woman? It’s hard to tell.

      • meshuggenh velt
      • November 23rd, 2009

      I think you are right he`s just an attractive guy whatever the context,but definately a guy given the five o`clock shadow,square chin,adams apple.I think its from the nose up if he thinned his eyebrows his cheekbones and eyes could be totally female but he would have to be wearing a balaclava or something which would be a bit of a giveaway…

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