Jimmy on Sesame Street

Jimmy’s Sesame Street episode will air November 13th.



Wild Nature Survivor Guy, played by Jimmy Fallon, finds himself on Sesame Street. He is accustomed to surviving in the wilds of nature and thinks he needs to “survive” out on Sesame Street. Elmo and Rosita are confused, he is not alone and he’s not in the middle of nature, but he is convinced nature is all around them! First, Wild Nature Survivor Guy finds a tomato plant and bites into a ripe tomato. Not only do tomatoes come from nature, but so do all the fruits and vegetables on display outside Hooper’s store. Second, Wild Nature Survival Guy looks for water to quench his thirst. He finds leaves with drops of water and puts the water together to drink. Next, Wild Nature Survival Guy looks for ways to keep warm. He picks up feathers and puts them inside his shirt. Oh my! They tickle! Elmo offers him a coat, but Wild Nature Survivor Guy explains that feathers are what make most coats warm. The sun begins to set, and Wild Nature Survivor Guy finds perfect shelter, Big Bird’s nest! It has lots of branches, and lots of animals use trees and branches as shelter. Wild Nature Survivor Guy sings a song about nature as Elmo and Rosita realize that nature is all around them!

    • Nicole
    • November 1st, 2009

    Oh my! I might have to stay home from school that day! He’ll be great. 🙂

    • Akura
    • November 1st, 2009

    Awwwww, that’s so CUTE!!!! I’ma have to DVR that. =D

    • lori is awesome
    • November 1st, 2009

    Loved the pic. of kirk on jimmy and owens back! you tha masta

      • iheartjimmy
      • November 1st, 2009

      yes. i. am. 😛

  1. This is going to be so great!! Going to DVR it!! 🙂

    I really think Jimmy should put out a regular album of music, I love his comedy but I also think he has a great singing voice too. I love when he sings 🙂

      • iheartjimmy
      • November 1st, 2009

      I thought the same thing tonight!

      • I couldn’t stop watching the part on Friday’s episode when he sang “Fame!!” Is there anything this man can’t do?

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