Jimmy’s Calvin Klein Ads

I’m not sure if these are the only ones, but the only ones I have. Anyone know what year? I’m guessing no later than 2002.

Jimmy had this to say about it:
“I really snuck that one in there,” Fallon says. “When it was all done, no one made fun of me or anything. As a comedian, you don’t really think that you’re good-looking, so when someone asks you if you’d like to model Calvin Klein, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, yes — yes, I want the billboard to be right over the Improv.’ I wanted people walking in to be like, ‘When is it all going to end for that guy? He is the luckiest man on earth.’ I mean, this is ridiculous. I did a bit where I kissed Gwyneth Paltrow on the show, and my friend called me up to say, ‘Dude, you have to warn me if that’s going to happen, or I’m not going to watch. You have to warn me that that’s going to go down, because that’s just madness. Madness.'”



  1. Ohh, MY GOD.

  2. Shouldn’t he be modeling for Calvin Klein underwear?!?!? Haha, these are great!! ❤

    • Akura
    • October 27th, 2009

    I already had the first pic saved from a search a while ago, but the second one eluded me. -saves- ❤

    • Madeline Dominguez
    • November 11th, 2010

    He is always looking so Hot. Love Him.

    • Laura lyter
    • July 23rd, 2011

    I never get tired staring at this omg underwear Model Id die a happy woman

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