Pics, pics, pics

I WAS going to wait until the morning to post these, but persuaded to do it now. 😉 ENJOY!










Jimmy Fallon


    • Jeanette
    • October 25th, 2009

    Ahh these are awesome!! I think I know who was bugging u for these lol

    • LindaBouldin
    • October 25th, 2009

    Awww he’s so cute! Thanks for posting!

    • Rachael Jerinsko
    • October 25th, 2009

    you’re my hero for posting these 😛

    • Akura
    • October 25th, 2009

    NO SHIRT!!!! -hugs- But where’s the rest of him….? And where was that taken? An SNL sketch or something? I knew there was something chiseled under there…..although I dunno if it’s so chiseled now. Well at least the circus bit proved that he’s still in shape…even if his cheekbones aren’t what they used to be…. -misses chiseled cheekbones-

      • iheartjimmy
      • October 25th, 2009

      It was an SNL skit w/ Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch…very funny. 😉

  1. AHH! 😀 Do you know where the 6th one was from? And Drew Barrymore was in that sketch with Jimmy, Will, and Rachel, too! I love their friendly chemistry! And let me just say in reference to that last picture: “Factory Girl” is my #1 favorite movie. No, not just because Jimmy’s in it lol… but it is phenomenal. If y’all haven’t seen it and are a fan of all things creative/indie film/Warhol, please do so ASAP! 😀

      • iheartjimmy
      • October 25th, 2009

      I have no idea where that one was from. Yes, I did think it was Drew for a minute but wasn’t sure so I didn’t add her. Thanks for the correction! 😉

  2. I absolutely LOVE you for posting these!!! How am I going to consentrate at school with these pics in my mind!!! Nothing like a good dose of Jimmy in the morning!!! Again, Damn he’s Hot!!! ❤

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