Jimmy at last night’s SNL

This was after the SNL show last night. Drew Barrymore was hosting.

And a CUTE video of Jimmy and some of the SNL cast members from last night too.

    • Alex
    • November 27th, 2009

    My friend made these videos. We were there that night. and what do you know Jimmy comes out of SNL!! who knew!! i was soo excited to get a picture with him and actually meet him. he is amazing to meet. and so sweet to all of the people waiting outside just as excited as me to meet him!

      • iheartjimmy
      • November 27th, 2009

      It’s Kelly, right?

      I would LOVE to go meet the cast after an SNL taping! Thanks for commenting Alex. 🙂

        • Alex
        • November 27th, 2009

        yeah its really alot of fun. you basically see everyone from the cast except kristen wiig and keanan thompson

        • iheartjimmy
        • November 27th, 2009

        Is there a reason why they don’t participate?

        I’m going to be in NYC on Dec. 6. Wish I was able to come one day earlier!

        • Alex
        • November 27th, 2009

        there are 2 ways to exit the building. and they just go out the other way!

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