XM Radio Highlights

For those that weren’t able to listen to the XM Radio interview last week, @Ihavefallonfeva was nice enough to make some notes.

*jimmy said he never wanted to be the center of attention
*he loved listening to Dr. Domento as a kid
*KEPT SAYING THINGS LIKE THERE’S NOTHING FOR FREE, stay humble, like working, my parents weren’t rich. if u want somethin u gotta work for it
*only ever wanted to do snl. left after 6 years b/c that’s how long their contracts are.
*lorne michaels appraoched him about late night when he was leaving snl. jimmy said” eh, it’s 5 years down the road” and kinda forgot about it. 5 years later lorne called him
*very important to show fans that you are listening to them
*we’re on so late, we can kinda do what we want and be left alone
*lorne still makes him a little nervous
*25th anniversary snl show was the dream night of his life
*wants to wii bowl with the queen
*felt like the osmonds when his book with his sister came out
*jimmys idea to have kids in rafters on stage behind bands

And the big news is that Jimmy and The Roots will have a Thanksgiving Day float in the parade!

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