Things you may not have noticed about Jimmy

1. He has this little head tick thing…very cute.

2. He licks his lips…a lot! ( He has said he has sensitive lips.) Kind of reminds me of a little lizard.

3. When he gets excited about seeing/hearing something (and maybe even a little embarrassed, he puts his elbow on the table with this chin in his hands.


4. He loves to pat his hands on the desk like he’s drumming…especially when introducing a guest.

5. He laughs at his own jokes all.the.time. (Ok, maybe it’s obvious, but ya can’t help and laugh with him.) He practically bangs his head on the desk too.

6. Jimmy tries to throw in a little dance any time he can.

7. He seems to be the kindest, happiest, most genuine, polite gentleman in the business. ( He probably still sends “thank you” notes.)

8. His favorite words are “insane”, “phenomenal”, “pal” and “fantastic”.

9. When standing in a suit, he juggles between fiddling with his top button on his jacket to putting his left hand in his pocket.

10. When at his desk, he constantly touches his keyboard, mouse and coffee mug….basically anything on the desk.

11. Loves to abbreviate words. (i.e. “Smashing Pumps”, “English Muffs”, “Abby Bres”)

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